FLT Mediterranean Monitoring Network - Marine species and threats

ISPRA - Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale

Project type : Reduce human pressures on cetaceans
Subtype : Anthropogenic underwater noise, Population estimates and distribution, Interactions with fisheries / aquaculture, Area-based measures for cetecean conservation, Population Structure, Monitoring cetacean's status

The Fixed Line Transect Mediterranean monitoring Network (FLT Med Net) is a project coordinated by ISPRA since 2007. The project aim to coordinate monitoring in the Mediterranean sea region on marine mega and macro fauna (cetaceans, sea turtles, sea birds et al.) , maritime traffic and floating marine macro litter. Surveys are systematically conducted along ten fixed trans-boundary transects using passenger ferry as platform of observation. Two protocols are used for collecting consistent data on i) Mega and macro fauna and maritime traffic; ii) Floating Marine Macro Litter.
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