Interaction between cetaceans and small-scale fisheries in Sicily

Marecamp Onlus association

Project type : Improve Knowledge about status of cetaceans, Conservation of Cetaceans Critical Habitats, Reduce human pressures on cetaceans, Public awareness
Subtype : Anthropogenic underwater noise, Climate change, Marine debris, Population estimates and distribution, Information and communication about cetecaans, Interactions with fisheries / aquaculture, Cetacean watching, Population Structure, Monitoring cetacean's status

Study on the fishing effort of the artisanal fleet and on the incidence of cases of interaction with cetaceans in eastern Sicily. The monitoring carried out on board the local fishing vessels used as "Floating laboratories" and the sentry boat of Marecamp has the purpose of investigating the dynamics of depredation carried out by dolphins on fishing gears and to sensitize administrations on the problem to favor the development of new mitigation strategies. In addition to the marine biologists of Marecamp, the project involves around 40 fishermen, 3 university interns, and the bio-acoustics experts of the partner association eConscience.
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