INTERACT Scenarios for a sustainable coexistence between humans and dolphins on the French Mediterranean coast


Project type : Reduce human pressures on cetaceans
Subtype :

The challenge of the INTERACT project is to propose modes of concerted management in a landscape with multiple uses, shared by humans and animals ("land-sharing" concept). Our project has as main objective to apprehend and to characterize the coexistence between the Man and the Bottlenose dolphin along the coast of the Gulf of Lion and Provence. Three axis will developped: 1/ Characterizing and evaluating human/dolphin interactions along the coast of the French Mediterranean. It will quantify the spatio-temporal distribution of bottlenose dolphins and human activities along the continental coast, and highlight areas and periods of greater probability of interactions. We will also adopt a sociological approach to describe and explain the perception and attitudes of local actors about the presence of dolphins. 2/ The results obtained in the first part will be used in the framework of a participatory methodology that will allow the actors to formulate hypotheses on the functioning of the socio-ecosystem, to propose management scenarios of this system and to collectively measure the consequences of these strategies 3/ Transferring results and knowledge to stakeholders, management authorities, coast users and general public through public events, workshops, publication of a report and recommendations for sustainable coexistence of men and dolphins.
  • Country : FRANCE
  • Institution involved :EcoOcéan Institut, GECEM, Souffleurs d'Ecume, WWF France, LIENSS
  • Contact: Labach Hélène
  • Keywords: Bottlenose dolphin, Tursiops truncatus, interactions, sociological perception, coesxistence, accompanying modeling
  • Budget in: 222366
  • Source of funding and cofunding: Fondation de France, partners contributions
  • Project status: ON-GOING
  • Starting Year: 2017
  • End Year: 2019
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