Terms of use


Criteria for applying to the status of NETCCOBAMS Member

Recognizing that all experts involved in the conservation of cetaceans (the scientific community, managers, members of NGOs, members of IGOs, relevant national and regional administrations, students…) will be expected to contribute to the best of their ability to the further development of policies, technical and scientific tools for cetacean conservation and to their application, the status of NETCCOBAMS Members shall be conferred on experts that:

(a) are members of a NGO or IGO which statutory objectives that are in full agreement with the spirit and objectives of ACCOBAMS. Others experts (scientific experts, managers, relevant national and regional administrations, students,…) can have the NETCCOBAMS members status, especially if they fulfil the criteria (b, c, d, e, f and g);

(b) have experience in providing support to implementing practical research, collection and analysis of information or other educational and training activities that contribute to cetacean conservation; 

(c) have demonstrated experience in implementing partnership ventures, such as for training and education, technical and scientific expertise, policy development or evaluation and assessment, particularly when such ventures would bring new and additional benefits to the functioning of the NETCCOBAMS Membership;

(d) have demonstrated willingness and ability to cooperate with other relevant entities;

(e) have stated their readiness to contribute actively on a regular basis to further development of policies and tools of ACCOBAMS and their application, particularly by assisting Parties to meet their obligations under the Agreement which aims at achieving and maintaining a favourable conservation status for cetaceans; 

(f) have already contacted the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat and/ or with GIS3M and/or with WWF and cooperated with ACCOBAMS in the achievement of its objectives.


Rules and commitments of NETCCOBAMS Members

  1. NETCCOBAMS Members that own original data on cetaceans in the Agreement area are particularly encouraged to share such data, as appropriate, through the NETCCOBAMS website. They are also encouraged to share data through MEDACES stranding database, through the OBIS SEAMAP database and through INTERCET database. NETCCOBAMS Members are also encouraged to share information, including their publications, with relevant ACCOBAMS National Focal Points.

  2. NETCCOBAMS Members may also be invited to contribute to evaluation of project proposals, project implementation and evaluation of project results and to participate in the development of policy and technical and/or scientific instruments for application of the Agreement.

  3. NETCCOBAMS Members shall be invited to participate in an observer capacity and as advisors in some specific Meetings.

  4. NETCCOBAMS Members are not considered as members of the ACCOBAMS Permanent Secretariat staff, neither GIS 3M staff, nor WWF staff. 

  5. The ACCOBAMS Secretariat, in collaboration with GIS 3M and WWF may decide to withdraw the status of NETCCOBAMS Members if they implement activities that are considered irrelevant or contrary to the achievement of ACCOBAMS goals. 
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